How It Works

It's very straightforward. It works in 3 steps.


Sign Up

Sign up for a email address for just $1 a month


Set Up

Set your important emails up to forward to your address


Receive SMS forwards the emails to your mobile phone as an SMS


Because forwards your emails as an SMS, you're always in the loop even when going mobile

Emergency Alerts

Medical responder? Security team? Whatever your high-priority emails are about, get notified about them immediately by sending them to your address.

Server Alerts

When something goes wrong with your servers, you want to know right away. Configure your server monitoring to send email alerts to your address and you'll get text messages right away when things go wrong.

Works With Your New Carrier

Switch to a new carrier only to find out they do not have an email to SMS gateway? We have you covered.

Unlimited Texts

You can use the service as much as you need to. $0.01 per text for US numbers.



For up to 100 SMS messages

Additional messages are billed automatically at $0.01 per message.

Worry-Free Billing

Never worry about forgetting to cancel your subscription.

Billing is automatically stopped once you stop using the service.